Beginning of the Firehose

Tuesday was my 1st real kickstart with my dev bootcamp and my future goal of becoming a full stack web developer. Monday was my onboarding and consisted of setting up the environment and getting everything ready and working properly but yesterday was the real kick off. I’ve got to say it feels great to be developing code and having a real sense of purpose and direction, it’s like when you were a child and you lost your favorite stuffed animal or blanket and when you found it everything felt right in the world again. That warmth and comfort we felt as a children is the same feeling that I get when I come back to the code and it feels great to have that fulfilling experience.

I never would’ve expected to have the sense of belonging and comfort in front of lines of code but I do and it’s strange that it feels so right when I have always said how much I would dislike it but I’m happy to say that I was grossly mistaken. Getting in front of code, building something, and see the results almost immediately gives me an amazing sense of balance. I’ve always kind of felt like there was something missing from my life and the more that I get to build things and see my progress and my work the more I realize this is what has been missing, coding has brought me the balance that I was looking for.

I use to give up anytime that I started to try and learn to code and some things in coding just never made full sense to me so I gave up before I even really ever began but things are starting to become a bit more clear. There will always be challenges and struggles when it comes to learning how to code but that’s the beauty of it, there isn’t a day I will know how to solve all the problems and know how to do everything. I will always be challenged and will always have complex problems to solve. I’ve started to gradually put all the pieces together that I use to struggle with and theFirehoseProject will help make more sense of the things I don’t understand. At the end of the boot camp I believe I will be able to progress to a point where I feel far more comfortable in front of code and most importantly confident in my abilities. It’s the struggle of what needs to be done that makes life difficult but at the same time it’s what makes life rewarding. Breaking past those barriers to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m glad I’ve made the decision to go the bootcamp route and it was a decision that realistically will pay off dividends over the next few decades of my life. I don’t see a world and a life without it now and that’s just bizarre to me but also comforting, I can see a path that works for me and is worthwhile to pursue. Finding our path in life is difficult and sometimes you can force it and it works or other times you just wander without knowing what the fuck you are doing but if you are really lucky you will trip and stumble upon something that you would’ve never considered and that will be your path to the future. When you go out and try something life can surprise you and give you what you were missing all along.

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