If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong. Passion for the things that you do is incredibly important, it directly affects quality of life and general happiness. Passion is a powerful force, I’d argue it’s one of the top 3 emotions only behind love and fear. To not be living a passionate life could potentially mean you are not living your life to its fullest potential.

As many people who read this know I’ve been vigorously working my way towards becoming an exceptional web developer. The greatest asset that I have with pursuing this path is I’ve got passion. My passion for what I’ve been doing is unparalleled in relation to any other hobbies, career pivots, or attempts at learning something new. I eat, live, sleep, and even dream web development. I’m passionate to the point where some nights it’s borderline obsessive because I can’t seem to stop thinking about what feature I need to work on next, what new idea I should start on next, or how can I bring open source contribution work to students and alumni of bootcamps.

That passion and conviction has improved my quality of life. I’ve finally found something that, at its core, checks all the boxes that makes an endeavour satisfying to pursue. I’ve said similar things before especially when I’ve talked about photography and the joy that hobby brings me but with web development I’ve checked boxes I didn’t even know existed. That’s the moment you know something is meant to be, when it satisfies itches you never knew you had.

When I say if you’re not passionate about you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong, I mean it. If what you do on a regular basis doesn’t bring passion and inspiration to your daily life you should really start looking into working towards something that brings you passion and purpose. I know it’s not always easy to just stop what you’re working on and chase after a dream but there are things you can do to just take one step closer to that dream.

There should never be a day that you think “I’d rather be doing x”, “I hate my job”, or “what if” if you say any of these in a day then there is something wrong with what you are doing and the thing that is wrong is that you weren’t meant to be doing that particular task. At that point you should start thinking about how you can improve your life and how you can add some passion.

Passion is a very strong indicator of quality of life. When there is no passion left for what you are doing it typically correlates directly to the reduction of happiness. You should always have passion in your life and no one should ever shame you about being passionate about something. Today, if you’re not currently feeling passionate about anything, stop and think what can you do today to ignite your passion. How can you make a difference on your quality of life and pursue something you love. Passion is the fastest way to satisfaction and happiness.

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